picture of a sea otter crushibg a stone

Sea otter photo - Enhydra lutris - G113612 | ARKiveCalifornian sea otter with stone on stomach to crack shellfish open - View amazing Sea otter photos - Enhydra lutris - on ARKive.picture of a sea otter crushibg a stone,Sea Otters, Sea Otter Pictures, Sea Otter Facts - National GeographicLearn all you wanted to know about sea otters with pictures, videos, photos, facts, and news from National Geographic.

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picture of a sea otter crushibg a stone

Sea Otter Using a Rock to Open Clams

Nov 27, 2011 . No wonder Hermione's patronus is an otter. Otters are indeed very smart. They will take a rock to the surface only if they need it to open tough.

A Cute Sea Otter's Handy Tool to Crack Mussels Open

Aug 4, 2013 . At Fisherman's Wharf in Monterey CA, a sea otter was sighted enjoying his dinner of mussels. See what tool he uses to crack mussels open.

Sea otter | 15 remarkable animals that use tools | MNN - Mother .

Oct 28, 2009 . Even the strong jaws of the sea otter aren't always enough to pry open a tasty clam or oyster. . Sea otter. Photo: sbisson/Flickr . An otter regularly carries a stone around on its belly and uses it to pound open its mollusk meal.

Sea Mammals - Carnegie Museum of Natural History

The sea otter's large, rounded molars are perfect for crushing sea urchins, . To dislodge abalone underwater, an otter grasps a stone between its forepaws and bangs it against the edge of an abalone shell. . Image 1: Seal Feast Bowl Tlingit.

picture of a sea otter crushibg a stone,

Otters — kidcyber

Information for students K-6 about otters, amphibious mammals, both sea otters and . Sea otter predators include killer whales, sea lions and sharks. .. Using their sensitive front paws, they dig around in the mud and under stones to find their prey. . Their teeth are different from those of other otters, adapted for crushing.

Deep Sea Otters - Deep Sea Waters

Sea Otters dive to the seafloor to obtain a variety of invertebrate animals. Sea Otters need unpolluted nearshore marine habitats, usually having depths under 40.

Sea Otter Foraging and Feeding Behaviors - The Otter Project

Sea otters, Enhydra lutris, are unique in the range of their foraging and feeding . images, dive lengths and surface intervals. ... Even the canines are blunt and rounded, adapted to crushing shells .. pool until the stone was removed.

Toward a Prehistory of the Southern Sea Otter - DigitalCommons .

The southern sea otter (Enhydra of longstanding speculation by fishermen, lutris nereis) is one of . munities up and down the state, images of sea and they are voracious consumers of shellfish. otters are ubiquitous .. ideal for crushing the shells of their inverte brate prey .. prehistoric people hunted sea otters with stone-.

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